Why Turkey is the ideal choice for citizenship

Many countries offer citizenship by investment, but relatively few options provide substantial opportunities for legitimate residency and discernible benefits. Türkiye has historically been so eurocentric in its immigration policy that it has remained virtually unknown as an alternative to more traditional European immigration options. Turkey is the best choice for high-net-worth individuals who are eligible […]

Why should crypto entrepreneurs apply for second citizenship?

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the hottest technologies to come out of Silicon Valley. We’ve seen their effect on the world stage, particularly with the frenetic increase in the value of Bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency. But are you thinking about your ROI (return on investment)? Many people need to be aware of an option […]

Why is Portugal’s Golden Visa on track for Best Year since 2019

The rest of the world may know Portugal for its Port wine and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Still, at Nomad Capitalist, we know Portugal for having one of the most significant EU Golden Visa schemes available. In terms of jobs, healthcare, climate, infrastructure, stability, safety, and education, Portugal, a country that is a member of the […]

St Lucia Citizenship Benefits

St. Lucia is an island in the Eastern Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles area off the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the Windward Islands and has more mountains than typical Caribbean islands, with Mount Gimie reaching 950 meters above sea level. Foreign investment in tourism, petroleum storage, and transshipment has increased due to an educated workforce […]

How is second citizenship beneficial for business?

When it comes to gaining second citizenship, many people think about its “luxury” aspect. However, does a second passport benefit your business? It depends on your needs and goals. Dual citizenship can be a beneficial thing to start or buy. The world is more interconnected than ever before; therefore, every country sees the benefits of […]

8 Questions To Ask An Investment Immigration Advisor

Investment immigration is a complex topic and can be confusing for many. It would be best if you got the right advice from the right advisor to achieve your goals. Every country has strict immigration rules and policies. If there are any changes to the existing immigration rules, the immigration officials will not be lenient […]

E2 visa USA – How Grenadian and Turkey Citizenship Can Help You Access USA

What is an E2 visa? The E-2 Investor Visa enables a person to enter and work in the country. Depending on the applicant’s place of origin, the E2 visa is valid for three months to five years. Your E2 permit could be renewed indefinitely. Although there is no legal minimum, the investment must be ‘significant’. […]

Dual Citizenship: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

There are both good and bad sides to the increasing occurrence of dual citizenship. For example, most countries have access to travel rights more quickly because of dual citizenship. Still, if carefully considered, taxation and social security issues can only cause problems. It’s up to each country to decide what’s best for itself, so folks […]

Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Second citizenship has become a popular choice for high-net-worth individuals looking to invest their money in good opportunities. Dual citizenship has many benefits, including living and working in another country, travelling freely, and access to better education and healthcare. Suppose you are looking to obtain another citizenship and get another passport. In that case, you […]

9 Misconceptions About Dual Citizenship

People all over the world are fascinated by dual citizenship. Many aspire to become citizens of another country and enjoy the many privileges that come with it, such as better employment and travel opportunities. However, there are misconceptions about dual citizenship that are not necessarily true. It can lead people to believe it is only […]