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Many countries offer citizenship by investment, but relatively few options provide substantial opportunities for legitimate residency and discernible benefits. Türkiye has historically been so eurocentric in its immigration policy that it has remained virtually unknown as an alternative to more traditional European immigration options. Turkey is the best choice for high-net-worth individuals who are eligible to relocate across Europe in the post-Brexit world.

Turkey is located at the crossroads of continents, where most eastern and western cultures meet. With historic cities in Anatolia and exotic beaches on the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, Turkey has much to offer vacationers. However, there’s more to Turkey than just tourism. This nation contains all the right ingredients to become an investor’s dream. We are here to show you why considering Türkiye as your future home is a brilliant choice!

Enhanced Global Mobility

Travelling the world has grown difficult due to rigorous visa restrictions, which a second passport might assist in alleviating. Turkey’s passport allows visa-free travel to 111 countries globally, including crucial global trade hubs such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Qatar.

Higher education of high quality

Turkey has more than 200 universities. According to the World University Ranking, six of them are in the top 500 universities in the world. Education costs roughly$250 per year in Turkish universities. Turkish citizens can also apply for scholarships and grants that cover a portion of their tuition costs. The Bologna Process enables Turkish students to participate in exchange semesters abroad. Furthermore, Turkish degrees are accepted in all EU nations.

Investment incentives

Four investment incentive programmes provide various forms of assistance. VAT exemption, customs duty exemption, corporation tax reduction, etc. There may be more or fewer facilities depending on the region.

In addition, Turkey has inked a deal to avoid double taxation with 82 nations, including Pakistan, India, and China. You will not have to pay taxes to both governments if you are a citizen of one of these countries.

Low living expenses

Turkey is one of the least expensive countries in Europe and the least costly in the Middle East. The average monthly cost of living in Turkey is $1,000—1,500.

Passed Down to Future Generations

Most investors pursue citizenship through investment programmes, not for themselves but for future generations. According to the naturalisation statute and Citizenship Act, Turkish citizenship is inherently passed down to future generations.

Close family members, such as spouses and children under 18, are awarded citizenship. Turkish residence permits can be obtained by an applicant’s parents and children over 18. Turkish citizenship is automatically offered to children born in Turkey. Investing in Turkish citizenship is a venture that will perpetually benefit you and your future generations.

The E2 Visa

The United States of America has numerous immigration avenues, including the renowned lottery, the costly EB5 visa, and the difficult-to-get H1 visa. None of these is easy to obtain, and the EB5 visa is undoubtedly not financially feasible for many people. The US E2 Treaty Visa, on the other hand, stands apart. This straightforward visa permits you to live and work in the United States by establishing a business on American soil. It allows you to sponsor your spouse and children under 21 to accompany you.

Simple Schengen Visa

Holders of Turkish citizenship can apply for a Schengen visa as long as they have valid documentation. In addition, numerous additional nations have bilateral agreements with the country that allow visa-free travel. Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and nearly all of Latin America are among them.

There are no residency or language requirements.

Individuals seeking Turkish citizenship through investment do not need to pass history or language exams. They also do not need to live in Turkey. The possibilities are limitless. Turkiye is constantly evolving and striving for the next big thing. On the other hand, Turkey’s technology industry is about to take off, and oil and gas will become a significant industry in Turkey. While all of this is still guesswork, or better yet, scientific predictions, one thing is sure: Turkiye continues to surprise everyone.

We at Alpha Immigration are here to help you with your dream of obtaining a Turkish passport. The citizenship programme for Turkey that we offer at Alpha Immigration Citizens is aimed at helping financially sound individuals gain access to some of the most prosperous countries in the world. Our professional consultants have countless years of experience addressing dual citizenship and migration-related matters. We aim to help you quickly navigate through the otherwise tricky citizenship process.

We can provide our clients with a seamless service both in their current location and the target country for residence or citizenship. Obtain your second citizenship with just eight simple steps. Contact us for more details regarding the Turkish citizenship by investment program.

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