8 Questions To Ask An Investment Immigration Advisor

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Investment immigration is a complex topic and can be confusing for many. It would be best if you got the right advice from the right advisor to achieve your goals.

Every country has strict immigration rules and policies. If there are any changes to the existing immigration rules, the immigration officials will not be lenient in postponing or denying your application. As a result, when it comes to the immigration procedure, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Finding the correct immigration expert, on the other hand, might be difficult.

When considering investing in a foreign country, you must ask these seven questions before handing over your hard-earned money.

Which is the right immigration program for me and why?

You only need to do your research before the meeting. You should be aware of all of your possibilities. Asking your consultant this question can help you see the best alternative among all of them. Similarly, there will be citizenship programmes with nearly identical budgets and processing times; your immigration counsellor will explain why one option is better for you.

The immigration expert should be able to tell you which programme is ideal for you and justify their decision. Be wary of experts who offer a programme but need to provide a convincing rationale for why it is the perfect programme for you.

What are my chances of success through this program?

No immigration consultant can promise a specific beneficial outcome. On the other hand, an immigration consultant who knows the ins and outs of immigration rules should be able to analyse your position, tell you the various results, and tell you whether they can help you or not.

Some consultants may accept your case and its expenses despite knowing it has yet to be successful. If a visa adviser firmly assures you that they will complete the visa, this could be a red sign.

How long have you been in the industry? 

There is no alternative to immigration legal experience. A professional immigration consultant is equipped with knowledge of how immigration courts work, a grasp of law enforcement, and solid contacts with the officials involved – all of which can help your case.

They are better familiar with court policies and procedures and can traverse the system more readily than those who are not.

What if my application is rejected?

The market generally responds with, “we will return your money.” Offering refunds will not fix your rejection. Is your agent qualified or registered to file a review for your case? Can they provide you with alternatives?

Unregistered agents will usually leave you after the denial, as they need access to case officers for talks. This is why having a registered agent is so important.

How frequently will your immigration firm contact and update me on the file status?

Inquire with the consultant about how and how frequently they will contact you. Remember that some immigration applications might take months or even years to process, so you may not hear anything about your case weekly. However, the immigration consultant should be able to answer your calls or emails promptly and keep you updated as much as feasible. To put it another way, they should be available.

How many family members can be added as dependents to my application?

Most people want an immigration option that can accommodate their entire family. Your immigration consultant’s primary role is now to direct you to the country with the most to offer your family structure. There are separate fees for each additional dependent, varying by country. It would be best if you never relied on information found on the internet; instead, a trained expert may advise you on how to make your budget work.

What is the processing time for the case approval?

When considering a second passport, this is a critical subject to view. Your immigration adviser should inform you of the actual processing time for the case of the country in question. Also, the consultant should tell you the processing time for various possibilities so you can switch to another nation if necessary.

Which aspects can lead my case to rejection? 

Despite your best efforts to perform well and prepare your case for approval, some unknown reasons can lead to rejection at any time. An immigration advisor is designed to describe all the evident and hidden factors so you can make the best decision. Any misunderstanding can result in your case being rejected.

Before deciding to proceed with an investment immigration program, make sure you find a lawyer who will suit your needs perfectly. Your future is at stake, after all. But if you ask the right questions and take your time to seek out the right person (or people), you will more than likely have a successful outcome for your investment immigration plans.

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