Why should crypto entrepreneurs apply for second citizenship?

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the hottest technologies to come out of Silicon Valley. We’ve seen their effect on the world stage, particularly with the frenetic increase in the value of Bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency. But are you thinking about your ROI (return on investment)? Many people need to be aware of an option […]

How is second citizenship beneficial for business?

When it comes to gaining second citizenship, many people think about its “luxury” aspect. However, does a second passport benefit your business? It depends on your needs and goals. Dual citizenship can be a beneficial thing to start or buy. The world is more interconnected than ever before; therefore, every country sees the benefits of […]

Reasons to Consider Portuguese Second Citizenship

Portugal has recently lowered the investment requirements and implemented new options in its citizenship by investment program. Thus, it is the best time to consider obtaining the Portuguese government’s globally well-known golden visa. The main advantages of acquiring the Golden Visa are: Accessing the Schengen area: According to the Schengen agreement signed in 1985, Portuguese citizens […]

Path to Having a Dominican Second Citizenship

There are many reasons for considering Dominica as a second home country: Political stability. Economic security. Global mobility. Privacy. Favourable business conditions. Cost-effective. Lifestyle benefits. Offering one of the most robust and affordable citizenship-by-investment programmes in the world Plus these items, there are a few citizenships by investment programmes as attractive as Dominica worldwide. The […]